HoopsFest is a big event and requires the help of dozens of volunteers to make it the success it is.

Volunteer Areas

Set up: Helping to get the playing areas ready. Some tasks might include painting courts, moving basketball hoops, and transporting tables & chairs to specific locations.

Clean up: As the tournament winds down, cleaning up all areas used during the day, emptying trash barrels, and moving basketball hoops.

Registration: Helping to distribute team registration packets the morning of the tournament

Court Monitor: Supervising a court during play, communicating with the players and score keepers, settling game disputes, ensuring the games run smoothly.

Referee: Making sure all of the HoopsFest rules of play are being followed and communicating with parents and scorekeepers.

Scorekeeper: Typically a team of 2 people are assigned to each court. One person is responsible for keeping the stats of each game and the other for keeping the scoreboard updated.

Hospitality: Helping to prepare and serve breakfast and lunch to the volunteers and helping to keep the water stations supplied with water and cups.

On Court Hospitality: Making sure scorekeepers, ref, & court monitors have enough water & supplies, emptying trash cans and keeping water coolers filled.

Kids Games: Help facilitate games for younger kids in the vendor lot.

Parking Attendant: Helping to park vehicles in designated HoopsFest parking lots.

Office Work: Help in the JHouse office the weeks leading up to HoopsFest. Could include phone calls, helping to put registration packets together, distributing flyers and other assorted items.

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