Frequently Asked Questions

HoopsFest Weather Policy
Adverse weather conditions & unplayable situations may result in the following (in order of decision-making process):
1. Delay of games for a period of time until the clouds break and conditions improve. (May also require moving games from scheduled courts to overflow courts or others not in use.)
2. Reduce the number of points required to win a game.
3. Play games on a consecutive basis by game number rather than by the pre-established game times.
4. Change the format of the tournament from pool play to double elimination or to single elimination.
5. Cancel the tournament.
In the unlikely event of cancellation of the tournament due to adverse weather conditions, each team shall receive their four (4) players t-shirts and team registration package (i.e. programs, etc.) Every effort will also be made to present trophies and awards in an equitable manner. All entry fees are considered a donation to the ongoing service Joshua House provides to our communities youth. SPECIAL NOTE: Teams must be at their court at the scheduled time, even if games are “running behind” for any reason (inclement weather, slow play, etc.) the final point of reference for scheduling or re-scheduling procedures shall be the Bracket Table or EmCee Station. The players are ultimately responsible for obtaining accurate scheduling information and being at their court to play when their game is to begin.
All Star: These are the best of the best. This group is made of players that have or could have played D-3 or better basketball. Each year we have players in this division that have gone onto play professional at some point in their careers. Competitive: These guys can flat out play. Some play or have played college ball at a D-3 or D-2 level. Many were solid or stand out High School players. Recreation: This division is for those that like to play and are still somewhat competitive but can't compete with those in the upper divisions. Really Rec: This division is for those that just want to get out there for the fun of it. It is a much more laid back division. Players or teams that should be in the upper divisions will not be allowed in this one.
You can mail a check or money order made payable to 'Joshua House' to 926 Logan Ave. Tyrone, PA 16686.
Birth certificate, school document, driver's license, or any other official document that has the child's date of birth on it.
Yes, you can add a player or switch out a player. The last day to do this is the Wednesday before the tournament. Email the changes to
You can have up to 4 players on your team.